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Anonymous L.A. artist [Apr. 3rd, 2007|12:47 pm]


there's a pretty interesting thread happening over at anonymous female artist. seems a female artist living here is fed up with the glitz-glam, youth-centric vibe infesting the L.A. art scene. she plans to hire a young, fluffy little thing (male or female, i'm not sure?) to take her place at an upcoming group show opening somewhere in the city. methinks it might be in the culver city loop, as the artist herself claimed it was in a renowned hot spot swarming with collectors. we'll see if this 'actor artist' gets all the attention, while the old, geezer wizard artist (i'm guessing in her mid to late 30's) whips up a new batch of masterpieces behind the curtain..

anonymous L.A. artist wrote:

'..The gallery which is hosting my alter ego is receiving increasing attention and is located among other hot galleries. The area is a destination for collectors. Galleries in this area routinely receive reviews, even for group shows.

The goal isn't to advance my career. It might even be a negative. I am just tired of collectors and art writers oohing and aahing over young artists' work which isn't particularly good, just because it's done by a young artist, generally a local grad. Older artists in LA tend to be invisible unless they are already blue chip. The goal is to provide a reality check. Good work is good work, regardless of the age of the artist producing it...'

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