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los angeles art scene

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welcome to beret_la, the place to meet & greet art lovers, as well as promote all things art in and around los angeles, ca.

are you an artist living and working in L.A.?
would you like to meet other artists living in the area?
do you have a question about the L.A. art scene?
are you excited about an art exhibit in town and want to share it with the world?
would you like to meet up with like minded people and discuss and critique art going on in the city?
do you want to play art critic and review a show that's currently on view?

if you answered yes to any of these questions, this is the place for you..

feel free to post any info on L.A. related art exhibits, opportunities, events, and/or happenings. this is a forum to communicate with all those who love making and experiencing art in los angeles.

all the best,
baby smith